Sprinker Tennis Pro Shop


Racquet Stringing

We offer professional racquet stringing with 24-hour turn-around time.  Choose from Wilson, Babolat, Head, Luxilon, Gamma and Prince strings.  Prices range from $24.95 for Synthetic Gut to $69.95 for Natural Gut.  We carry Syn Gut, Polyester and Hybrid strings for  all levels of players.

Tennis Racquets

We carry Babolat, Yonex, Wilson and Head performance tennis racquets and a variety of junior recreational racquets.  Prices range from $19.95 (junior frames) to $299.00.

Tennis Shoes

We offer a wide selection of performance footwear for tennis.  Choose from Babolat, Yonex, Wilson, Prince and Head brands in Men's, Ladies and Junior styles and sizes.  Prices range from $39.95 (Jr) to $149.95.

Bags and Accessories

We stock tennis bags and backpacks, dampeners, grips and overgrips. 

Zuca Bags

We carry a full line of Zuca frames and inserts.  Perfect for travel, skating or school.

Figure & Hockey Skates & Apparel

In addition to tennis, our shop is fully stocked with figure and hockey skates from Riedell, Jackson and Bauer.  We also stock blades, sticks, pucks, hockey protective gear, figure skate dresses and figure skate tights.